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An unexpected adventure

I am a born-Singaporean mother of two. My oldest is now seventeen and suffers from the symptoms known as autism. In early 2016 my husband and I were introduced to a French lady who had completely recovered her son from autism. She introduced us to her husband and her son, who told us himself of his journey. He was a similar age to our son and just like any other boy, yet he was severally disabled as a youngster. Today he is about to attend a top university in the USA. We listened carefully to their experience and hoped we could help our son too. One of the prerequisites was to move to a pure organic diet. The transformation in my son is truly incredible, the change in diet alone proves there is something very wrong with our food.

Finding clean food


The need to find food that didn’t contain any chemicals led us to group together with a number of other concerned mothers we knew from the Singapore Polo Club. Some people were way ahead of us in terms of understanding what is added to food and how it’s produced. Others became interested in looking for alternatives to mass-produced food where they had little or no ability to understand what has been added to it. We started small with a single New Zealand fisherman who had broken away from the enormous fishing fleets and had an artisan fresh fish supply business. Our first customers were almost all members of the Singapore Polo Club. We worked with an existing importer and a restauranteur to get things going. Our fresh wild caught New Zealand Gurnard, Lemon Sole, Yellow Belly Flounder and Turbot were a hit and we were up and running. 

Growth and hard work

Responding to what people wanted 

It became clear we needed bigger facilities. We moved to a restaurant in Bukit Timah called Rubato and customers collected their orders from there. This worked well, but getting through the traffic from our processing facility at peak hours was frustrating. We sold once per month. It was a mad rush starting with picking up the fish from the airport to making up orders and finally passing it to the customers late at night. This was extremely tiring and I was doing everything myself. People were increasingly asking for home deliveries and we needed to take that next step. 

Caught on Monday and delivered on Thursday 

I first found a great local driver to work with me. Later we started using a delivery service provider to give us more scale and better service. We dropped self-collection altogether over time. My customers love the fact they are cooking wild caught New Zealand fish on Thursday that was in ocean that Monday. 

Gone fishing ... for good! 

After many years living and working in Asia we decided that New Zealand is where we want to be. We delivered last orders on Friday the 30th of August 2019 and passed the reins to our lovely friends at Sidecar. ​Thank you to all our loyal customers and in particularly the friendships and fond memories we have made along the way.

Know your food. Trust your food. 

Our emphasis is on clean and healthy food produced through environmentally responsible, sustainable fishing, aquaculture and terrestrial farming.