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Free-range New Zealand Venison

Pure & Wild Venison is farmed on the lush pastures in the South Island of New Zealand, offering the advantages of a farmed product - consistency, premium quality and continuity of supply.

For the diner that means a tender, delicate flavoured eating experience - every time. Deer are raised with pride on family owned farms with a commitment to sustainability and animal welfare. They are free range farmed on open pasture. They are never fed hormones, steroids or antibiotic supplements.

Pure & Wild New Zealand Venison is rich in iron and low in fat, making it an ideal meat to include as part of a balanced diet. It is packed with many nutrients required for good health such as iron, zinc and a number of B vitamins including B12.-that’s why it is called a nutrient dense food. Red meat is one of the best sources of easily absorbable iron. Venison contains more iron than any other meat, including more iron than Beef and Lamb.