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Live New Zealand COCKLES

Pure & Wild Live New Zealand Cockles, known to Māori as Tuaki or Tuangi, have been exported to a dozen countries for over twenty years.

These carefully managed wild stocks are harvested in the brilliantly clear unpolluted waters of our Southern Pacific Ocean, on the Otago coast. A five year research project was initiated to address concerns raised about the sustainability of clam harvesting in Otago harbour and its impact on marine ecology. This was undertaken on a virgin resource in the middle banks of Otago Harbour. The study measured and recorded the baseline status of stocks in fauna and macrofloral ecologies, avifauna and bank morphology. It then recorded the impact on those systems from harvesting commencing in September 2009 to September 2014. The experimental area comprises 180 hecatres, half of which is to remain untouched as controls. From the other half, 10% of the clam biomass is to be removed every year over five years. The intent of this experiment was to identify any ecological impacts resulting from clam harvesting. All harvesting, processing and packaging operations comply with the New Zealand government, USFDA and EU standards.

Pure & Wild Live New Zealand Cockles’ meat is succulent, sweet and nutty. The famous Italian dish ‘Spaghetti alle Vongole’ is a perfect way to eat them. They make delicious fritters and chowders, and are superb added to risotto, paella or creamy tarts. Add to a seafood soup or stew along with other shellfish and fish. Cockles marry naturally with chilli, saffron, white wine, garlic and fresh herbs.