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Wild-Harvested New Zealand Queens Scallops

Queens Scallops (Chlamys Delicatula) are dredged from the brilliantly clear, unpolluted waters of our Pacific Ocean and immediately frozen to retain the qualities of the fresh product making them available all year round.


All harvesting, processing and packaging operations comply with the New Zealand government, USFDA and EU standards.


Frozen scallops are at their best when consumed within three months. They do not require thawing before cooking.

Pure & Wild wild-caught New Zealand fin fish come from the pristine waters surrounding New Zealand with full traceability to both the area it was caught and the boat it was caught by - giving you total peace of mind. Right from the time of catch, up until the time of dispatch, processes and systems are in place to ensure this premium fish remains in prime condition until it reaches you. All sites operate under a registered risk management plan which is based on HACCP principles and to the highest standard of food safety compliance as certified by New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries.